How To Easily Plan Your Next Vacation With Kids

    The travel tips you need!


    Traveling with kids can be enjoyable for everyone in the family. New scenery, delicious foods, and thrilling experiences to name a few. Most moms sense an overwhelming feeling when thinking about traveling with their children. The long packing lists, potential meltdowns, and ever-changing schedules may seem daunting, but traveling with your kids doesn't have to be a staggering chore. Follow these mom-approved tips to plan your next adventure with ease!


    Include your kids when planning

    You're looking forward to your next getaway and your kids should be too! Make your kids a part of the planning when deciding what activities you'll enjoy as a family. This could be spending a day at the pool, going to Disney, or exploring your favorite town. Be sure to do your research on kid-friendly activities at your destination. You may be surprised the fun activities you'll find. When your kids feel included in the planning process, they're more inclined to be happier during the trip - and that's a win for everyone!


    Pack the right items

    When packing for your kids, aim for a happy medium between packing light and packing heavy. Messes are bound to happen, so kids can go through clothes quickly. Ensure you pack some extra clothing for the specific activities you have planned. If you're headed to Disney, a graphic tee that says it all will be the perfect Disney outfit. Looking to take the perfect family photos at the beach? We have you covered with matching sibling outfits that will make for a picture perfect look.

    In addition to clothing, you'll want to ensure you have toys, tablets, or activities for the kids in case of rain or rest time. Get the kids involved by giving them a small bag and letting them fill it with whatever toys they want to bring. This will encourage them to bring smaller toys that they are able to pull out in the car or on the plane too.


    Keep it fun and flexible

    When traveling with kids, your schedule can turn upside down quickly. Give yourself and your family time in between activities to relax and enjoy your vacation without the pressure of an itinerary. Rest and naps will be a must, especially if you keep your days busy at Disney or swimming in the ocean. Take a break from the thrill rides and enjoy a relaxing day on the beach.


    Don't forget about yourself!

    Moms, more times than not, you're so focused on your kids that you often neglect your own needs. When family vacation plans become the top of your priorities, you're sure to forget something - even after the endless lists you made! Don't forget to pack all your vacation-ready outfits for the picture perfect style. Take time for yourself during your vacation, even if that means only a 5 minute walk on the beach - you deserve it! 


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